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The DMV is home to some of the most beautiful outdoor event spaces in the country but sometimes locking down lodging for your remote event can be tricky. That's where we come in! With Outdoor Eventures glamping, we bring the lodging to you! Our luxury tent accommodations will make you and your guests feel like you’re on vacation wherever you choose to eventure.


Whether you are hosting a wedding, a retreat, a sleepover, or you're just looking to get away, Outdoor Eventure Glamping is more fun than your standard hotel and more comfortable than your standard camping set up. Click here for more information on our tents and packages.

How it

How it WORKS.

Outdoor Eventures offers a wide variety of packages to help cater to your various outdoor lodging needs. From simple setup and breakdown to full service event coordination, we can be as hands on or off as you would like. 


Once you’ve chosen your desired package, our in-house hospitality experts will work with you to lock down logistics and help to create your dream eventure. The flexibility of our tent locations makes every experience unique, allowing Outdoor Eventures to personalize your entire event.



Seed Package (Our Basic Package)

Delivery, set-up, and break down of tents, furnishings, & decor:

- Cotton Bell Tent measuring 14ft 9in (4.5 meters) in diameter. Tent uses 171 ft² of floor space.

- Queen Sized AeroBed

- Bedding (sheets + duvet + pillows)

- Throw Blanket

- Bistro Set (table + chairs)

- Area Rug

- Battery Operated Lantern

- Battery Operated Fan

- Mirror

- Waste Basket

- Ice Bucket + Cups

- Luggage Rack

- Reservation & Payment Management (if desired)

- Shower Pack: towels, soap, etc (if requested)

Sprout Package (The Seed is Growing!)

- Includes the Seed Package +
- Lawn Games

- Wake Up Bar: coffee, tea, equipment to brew & drink


Flower Package


- Includes the Seed + Sprout Packages +

- Check in management and welcome for guests  

- Custom Event Signage

- Additional Event Tent (lounge, pub, play area, etc.)

Fruit Package (The Full Luxury Package)

- Includes the Seed + Sprout + Flower Packages +

- Mini Bar + Snack Bar 

- Daily Housekeeping

- Wake Up Bar set up every morning of your eventure


If packages aren't your thing or you want to add an even more personal touch to our Seed Package option, we have our extra fun items and ideas that are available a la carte for all of our tent rentals. If you are looking for something that isn't listed here, please email or call us - we are happy to try our best to make any dreams come to life!

A La Carte:

- Onsite Camping Butlers
- Lawn Games
- Electricity
- Campfire Supplies
- Coffee + Tea Bar

- Mini Bar- Snack Bar
- Dog Bed
- Custom Event Signage
- Vendor Management
- Eventure Tent(s)

- Lounge

- Kids Area

- Pub

- Movie Room

- Spa Area

- Meeting Space

- Closet/Changing Area

- If you have additional 'extra fun' ideas,

 drop us a line and let's figure it out!



We know you and your guests may have some additional questions or concerns about how things work here.  We've listed some extra information but are happy to answer as many questions as you can think of!

Can you find us a place to glamp?

We'd love to suggest places for you to glamp or venues to host your upcoming event. We are also happy to manage your venue communications and reservations for you.

Do you offer full service event planning?

100% Yes.  Contact us for more information or visit our event planning + logistic department's website -

What if it rains?

Great news! Our tents have an additional waterproofing treatment in addition to the 100% cotton canvas which provides natural waterproofing and breathability for glamping comfortably in all 4 seasons.

Are dogs allowed?

Dogs are welcome (and encouraged) to join the fun if your venue permits, but we do require a refundable deposit to be paid prior to your eventure. We also ask that you keep them off of the bed. We are happy to provide blankets or a dog bed if you don't want to bring your own!

How does the pricing work?

Our personalized packages vary in pricing but most glamping rentals include up to two nights + a minimal fee for each additional night.

What if we need electricity or a water source?

We are happy to add electricity, bathrooms, water, etc to your package.  We also have creative options that may help you decrease your need for for things like electricity.

Can we rent your equipment to create a socially distanced village at our winery, event space, or restaurant?

Yes, we offer venue packages so your guests' can have their own private area when they come visit for the day.

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